Our call-center


What is your schedule?

Schedule of our online shop:

  • Call Center:
  • - Mon-Fri - from 9 to 19
  • - Sat - from 9 to 18
  • Shop in Kharkov:
  • - Mon-Fri 09:00 - 20:00 (without a break)
  • - Sat-Sun 09:00 - 18:00 (without a break)


Can I order a product that is currently out of stock?

Yes, you can call our contact center and if the goods are not out of production, the manager will help you to place an order.


Why should I register on the Website?

Users who are registered on our Website receive several advantages:

  • - You can track the history of your purchases
  • - You can receive unique offers from our online shop


How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order by calling our contact center and ask the manager to cancel the order.


What guarantees do I get that the prepaid order will be delivered to me?

For payment, we send you an invoice for payment, and after payment the bank provides you with a check. According to the law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, after transferring money to our account, we have a debt obligation. Thus, while the client has not received his goods, he is under the protection of the legislation of Ukraine.


Is it possible to make a purchase at your shop without first making an application on the site?

Yes of course. You can purchase goods that are in stock at the warehouse of our shop in Kharkov.


How do I use the promo code?

Promo code for discounts can be entered in a special field when ordering.


Is it possible to use a promotional code for cashless payments?

Yes of course.


Is it possible to use several promo codes at the same time?

Not. In one order you can use only one promo code.


Can I use a promo code to buy multiple products at the same time?

If the goods fall within the promotional code and are in the same order, then you can.


Do you have a delivery service to the apartment and a lift to the floor?

Yes, we have such services. More information can be found in the Delivery section.


Can I place an order in another country?

Unfortunately at the moment we are working only on the territory of Ukraine.


I received a damaged item, where should I go?

To resolve this issue, you need to take a picture of the damaged product and send a photo to our e-mail with a description of the problem and contact details. After that, our manager will contact you and suggest solutions to this problem.


Can I pay by card upon receipt?

No, the card can be paid in our shop in Kharkov, and upon receipt only in cash.


In your online shop  is there a possibility of buying goods in instalments?

Yes, you can pay in instalments in Ukrsibbank under the Green Credit program. You can find out more about instalments in our contact center.


Do you accept Visa and MasterCard?

Yes of course. You can pay for your order with Visa and MasterCard.


Can I pay my order by credit card while in another country?

Yes, you can pay with a Visa or MasterCard card according to the details of our bank, but delivery is only on the territory of Ukraine.


How can I pay for my order?

All payment forms can be found on the page Payment


How do you deliver goods in Ukraine?

Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by our partners, the transport company "MeestExpress"


Is it possible to pay by cash?

Cash payment is possible only when you pay the order in a shop in Kharkov or upon receipt of the goods for "cash on delivery".


How to pay for goods by bank transfer? Are you a VAT payer?

We are VAT payers. To form the invoice, your statutory documents are required (statement and the property of the taxpayer). After entering you into the database, we send an invoice with details for payment. We work with legal entities on condition of 100% prepayment.


What do I need to get the goods that are paid by bank transfer?

When placing an order, the manager requests all the necessary contact information in order to deliver the order after payment.

  • For an individual:
  • - full name
  • - two phone numbers
  • - delivery address
  • For legal - all information as for an individual, plus a power of attorney to receive the goods.


What is the cost of address delivery in Ukraine?

The cost of delivery can be found on the page Delivery

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