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Warranty Terms

The company "Nowy Styl" (hereinafter: "NS company") guarantees high quality products throughout the warranty period, subject to the rules of assembly, use, operation and maintenance respect.

To extend the life of your furniture, please use the products for their intended purpose, follow the terms and conditions of this warranty below.

The responsibility of the manufacturer extends exclusively to structural, manufacturing or other defects arising from the fault of the manufacturer.

  1. General Warranty Terms

1.1. The warranty applies to all products manufactured by NS, regardless of the brand. The warranty period starts from the date of the product purchase by the first buyer and makes:

- for office furniture and its components: 1.5 years (18 months);

- for chairs, stools and other types of products: 1 year (12 months);

- for the chair HIP HOP: 5 years (60 months).

The stated warranty period is valid for products used in office spaces by employees working in one shift no more than 40 hours per week.
1.2. If products are used more intensively (see clause 1.1.), the warranty period is reduced in proportion to the increase in the product use intensity:
- 8 hours per day (240 working days per year) - 12 months warranty;

- 16 hours a day (240 working days a year) - 9 months warranty;

- 24 hours a day (240 working days a year) - 6 months warranty;

- 24 hours a day (365 working days per year) - 3 months warranty.

1.3. The materials used in the manufacture of products that the customer provides are not covered by the warranty.
1.4. These warranty terms are common to all contracts. The exceptions are the contracts in which individual conditions are agreed with the client (for example, warranty period, maximum loads, defect requirements, etc.).

2. Exceptions:

The warranty does not apply to products in the following cases:

- natural wear of the product;

- natural wear of individual elements of the product (rollers, legs, finishing materials, etc.);

- mechanical damage resulting from the product operation;

- damage resulting from non-compliance with the rules of use and product operation;

- damage resulting from inadequate product transportation or movement by the fault of the customer;

- damage resulting from the use of the product in extreme weather conditions;

- signs of repair or changes in the design of the product;

- slight differences in the structure and color of individual elements of the product or products from different batches;

- changes resulting from prolonged use of the product, including discoloration, loss of gloss;

- changes in the appearance of products made of genuine leather and light fabrics, caused by contact with other coloring materials;

- heterogeneity of color and texture of natural leather, as well as scars and traces of insect bites on natural leather, which indicate the natural origin of this material.

3. Non Warranty Cases

Claims to the appearance of products due to the characteristic features of natural materials are not accepted. Heterogeneity of color and texture of veneer, wood, natural leather; scars, veins, insect bites on natural leather; a slight discrepancy in the wood texture, the difference in the structure of growth rings, as well as stripes, points, knots characteristic of natural wood are not manufacturing defects, but indicate the natural origin of the materials used.

This category of non-warranty cases also includes all the changes in the appearance of finishing materials that occur during the use of products due to exposure to weight and heat of the human body, as well as excessive moisture: folds, shiny areas, scuffing, discoloration and loss of color, stains, etc. .

Also cases that are not covered by warranty:

- slight differences in weight, size, thickness, width, texture and color of the individual elements, provided that such differences conform to applicable standards;

- a slight crease of fabric in the product, in which the upholstery is not glued to the seat and / or back, which disappears after smoothing by hand;

- damage to products caused by violation of the rules of the product use, defined by the manufacturer in the "Instructions for assembly and operation." For example, the use of a chair / chairs by users weighing more than 100 kg.

4. Warranty restrictions:

Warranty obligations do not apply to additional claims related to claims for damages for indirect, implied or incidental damages caused by products defects. Manufacturer's warranty obligations apply only to manufacturing defects.

As part of the development and continuous product development process in accordance with market requirements and legal requirements, NS reserves the right to make changes to the design and equipment of the presented products at any time, without changing their general nature.

5. Legal aspect of warranty

In case of any disputes, all rights and obligations arising from these warranty conditions are treated in accordance with the laws of the country of sale.

6. Claim processing

In accordance with the terms of this warranty, during the whole period of its validity, NS undertakes to eliminate the identified defects, carry out warranty repair of products, replace or deliver parts, make partial or full compensation for the cost of a product of inappropriate quality, customer expenses for transportation, repair, purchase of components (according to agreement of the parties) provided that the claim is substantiated and properly executed.

In case if the products are not subject to warranty repair, NS will replace the defective product or part with a new one.

The warranty period is fixed and can not be extended or renewed after the warranty.

7.In order to send a complaint, please contact the Claim Service.

For customers in the Russian Federation

Service for work with claims of Radom Ltd.:

tel.: 8 (800) 555-19-29

 For customers in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Claims Service of NOWY STYL KZ LLP:
tel .: +7 (701) 915-31-17

Collect as much information as possible about the problem (description of the situation, photos) and send it to the above address. If deviations are detected:

In the process of acceptance of products
При  обнаружении повреждения/отсутствия заводской упаковки, пересортицы либо недостачи, брака продукции в процессе приемки необходимо: 
- draw up a Product Acceptance / Transfer Act , in which to list all identified non-compliances or TORG-2 (for the Russian Federation);

- sign the Act. The act is signed by: a representative of the Buyer and a MANDATORY representative of the Carrier;

- scan Act / TORG-2;

- attach photos of all identified inconsistencies; - in case of violation (change) of packaging, labeling (preferably), check the content of the packaging;

- no later than 1 (one) working day from the moment of discrepancy detection, send the Act / TORG-2

and photos to the email address of the Claim Service.

After acceptance, but before use

In this case it is necessary:
To make an electronic claim act and attach to the Act photos of the:

- identified discrepancies;

- labels on the product;

- labels on the packaging;

- no later than 3 (three) working days from the moment of discrepancy detection send the Act

and photos to the email address of the Claim Service. Do not throw away the packaging, do not assemble the product.

In the process of using products
In this case it is necessary:
to make an electronic claim act  and make sure to attach to the Act photos of the:

- identified discrepancies;

- labels on the product (preferably);

- labels on the packaging (preferably);

- no later than 3 (three) working days from the moment of discrepancy detection send the Act

and photos to the email address of the Claim Service.

8. Claim processing time

The term for treating and processing claims is 2 working days. After this period, the Claim Service informs the Buyer about the decision made. If additional information from the Buyer is required for processing the claim, the processing period will be 2 working days from the date of its submission.

9. Solutions

The following solutions are possible for the claims:

- repair of the product (as agreed with the client);

- replacement of the product;

- additional delivery / replacement of components;

- partial or full compensation for the cost of the product;

- elimination of identified discrepancies by the Buyer as agreed by the parties;

- denial with justification.

The reasons for denial to satisfy a claim may be grounds for the reasons specified in clauses 1, 2, 3, 4 of these warranty terms.

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