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  1. Bollard MN434MH
    As low as
    Bollard MN434MH
  2. Desk ML105W
    As low as
    Desk ML105W
  3. Computer desk MN1039
    As low as
    Computer desk MN1039
  4. Table М116 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Table М116 (ТЕХ)
  5. Table М117 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Table М117 (ТЕХ)
  6. Armchair М118 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Armchair М118 (ТЕХ)
  7. Desk ML117W1
    As low as
    Desk ML117W1
  8. Desk ML107W
    As low as
    Desk ML107W
  9. Desk ML1069W1
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W1
  10. Desk ML1069W2
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W2
  11. Desk ML1069W3
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W3
  12. Front Screen ML533M
    As low as
    Front Screen ML533M
  13. Front Screen ML552M
    As low as
    Front Screen ML552M
  14. Cable cable horizontal MN560
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN560
  15. Cable cable horizontal MN560M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN560M
  16. Cable cable horizontal MN561
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN561
  17. Cable cable horizontal MN561M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN561M
  18. Cable cable horizontal MN563
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN563
  19. Cable cable horizontal MN563M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN563M
  20. Cable cable horizontal MN564
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN564
  21. Cable cable horizontal MN564M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN564M
  22. Section for documents MN672
    As low as
    Section for documents MN672
  23. Armchair GERMES steel LB MPD AL68 (NOVA W)
    As low as
    Armchair GERMES steel LB MPD AL68 (NOVA W)
  24. Desk MN208O
    As low as
    Desk MN208O
  25. Front Screen ML532
    As low as
    Front Screen ML532
  26. Desk MN209O
    As low as
    Desk MN209O
  27. Desk MN115W2E
    As low as
    Desk MN115W2E
  28. Desk MN111O3
    As low as
    Desk MN111O3
  29. Component M603
    As low as
    Component M603
  30. Component M502
    As low as
    Component M502

Items 1-30 of 1222

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Office furniture

Properly selected and placed office furniture is of great importance in the arrangement of office space. Why is it so important? Because office furniture is the face of the company and expresses its style. On the pages of the online store "Nowy Styl" there is a variety of models of office furniture that can decorate the interior of the office and emphasize the style of the company. Our furniture will provide maximum comfort and functionality to the workspace.

What do we offer our customers?

Visit the online store "Nowy Styl", you can purchase the following types of office furniture:

  • office chairs and chairs;
  • writing, computer and coffee tables;
  • office cabinets and file cabinets;
  • shelves;
  • racks;
  • hangers and more.

What should I look for when choosing office furniture? Naturally in the working area of ​​each employee a table and a chair must be present. It is also possible to supplement the workplace of the employee with a multifunctional cabinet. Such elements should be practical and compact. Thanks to these properties, it is possible to increase employee productivity. Also often for the arrangement of offices modular tables are used, which, if necessary, can be combined with each other.

Also, when arranging your office, do not forget to purchase comfortable and ergonomic chairs. This element of the interior should fit into the overall style of the office and be in harmony with the rest of the furniture. In addition, the chair should be as convenient and comfortable as possible, since the performance of an employee of the company depends on these parameters. Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to the chair with anatomical back which will protect the back muscles from overwork.

On the pages of our online store office furniture of a different price category, made of chipboard, MDF, glass and wood, is presented. Also in the store "Nowy Styl" you can pick up a chair with the presence of armrests, headrests, backrest angle and seat height adjustment. Call us right now and leave your application for the purchase of high-quality office furniture!

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