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  1.  MN6703
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  2.  MN6703H
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  3. Component MN701
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    Component MN701
  4. Section for documents MN701H
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    Section for documents MN701H
  5. Component MN702
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    Component MN702
  6. Component MN702H
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    Component MN702H
  7. Component MN703
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    Component MN703
  8. Component MN703H
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    Component MN703H
  9. Component MN802
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    Component MN802
  10. Component MN802H
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    Component MN802H
  11. Component MN803
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    Component MN803
  12. Component MN803H
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    Component MN803H
  13. Wardrobe MN902
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    Wardrobe MN902
  14. Wardrobe MN902H
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    Wardrobe MN902H
  15. Wardrobe MN903
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    Wardrobe MN903
  16. Wardrobe MN903H
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    Wardrobe MN903H
  17.  MN904
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  18.  MN904H
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  19. Wardrobe MN905
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    Wardrobe MN905
  20.  MN905H
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  21. Coffee table MK501
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    Coffee table MK501
  22. Cable cable horizontal MN560
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    Cable cable horizontal MN560
  23. Cable cable horizontal MN560M
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    Cable cable horizontal MN560M
  24. Cable cable horizontal MN561
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    Cable cable horizontal MN561
  25. Cable cable horizontal MN561M
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    Cable cable horizontal MN561M
  26. Cable cable horizontal MN563
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    Cable cable horizontal MN563
  27. Cable cable horizontal MN563M
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    Cable cable horizontal MN563M
  28. Cable cable horizontal MN564
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    Cable cable horizontal MN564
  29. Cable cable horizontal MN564M
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    Cable cable horizontal MN564M
  30. Desk MN209O
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    Desk MN209O

Items 1-30 of 513

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Furniture for reception

     The first thing the visitor of the office or company notices is the reception. The workplace of a secretary is a special office area designed for receiving visitors. The setting of this working area is of great importance: it forms the first impression of the company, conveys the attitude of the executive both to the company clients and to the employees. Therefore, it is important to equip the workplace of an administrator or a secretary properly. What do you first need to pay attention to? Naturally on the selection of high-quality and comfortable furniture.

What should be at the reception?

     The furniture in the workplace of ​​a secretary should stimulate a positive attitude in the person. By placing a couple of soft chairs in this area or a comfortable sofa, you can stimulate the visitor who is waiting for a meeting with the head of the company to feel relaxed and form a clear mood for successful negotiations. You can buy a variety of high-quality furniture for the reception in the online store "Nowy Styl". You can order and purchase from us:

  • functional and comfortable reception desk;
  • filing cabinets;
  • soft sofas and armchairs;
  • chairs;
  • tables - they place magazines and newspapers on them, treat visitors to a cup of coffee or tea;
  • hangers and wardrobes.

With the help of the specialists of the online store “Nowy Styl” the client will be able to equip the workplace of a secretary stylishly and harmoniously. Consultants of our online store will help you choose a reception desk that fits perfectly into the interior of the room, be it a hotel, clinic or a fashionable boutique. Thus, the reception will attract the attention of visitors and leave only positive impressions about the company.

How to choose furniture for the reception?

     When choosing furniture for the reception, type of company activity plays an important role. For example, the reception desk of a hotel or large organization assumes the presence of a special long and high rack. Also in the reception area should be placed furniture for visitors which will relax while waiting. This type of furniture includes soft sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, poufs, etc.

     Having trouble choosing furniture for your reception? Address consultants of our online store who will help to decide on the necessary models of furniture products. Prices for all presented models are available and will pleasantly please all our customers.

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