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  1. Bollard MN432MH
    As low as
    Bollard MN432MH
  2. Bollard MN434MH
    As low as
    Bollard MN434MH
  3. Desk ML105W
    As low as
    Desk ML105W
  4. Computer desk MN1039
    As low as
    Computer desk MN1039
  5. Table М116 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Table М116 (ТЕХ)
  6. Table М117 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Table М117 (ТЕХ)
  7. Armchair М118 (ТЕХ)
    As low as
    Armchair М118 (ТЕХ)
  8. Desk ML117W1
    As low as
    Desk ML117W1
  9. Desk ML107W
    As low as
    Desk ML107W
  10. Desk ML1069W1
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W1
  11. Desk ML1069W2
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W2
  12. Desk ML1069W3
    As low as
    Desk ML1069W3
  13. Front Screen ML533M
    As low as
    Front Screen ML533M
  14. Front Screen ML552M
    As low as
    Front Screen ML552M
  15. Cable cable horizontal MN560
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN560
  16. Cable cable horizontal MN560M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN560M
  17. Cable cable horizontal MN561
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN561
  18. Cable cable horizontal MN561M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN561M
  19. Cable cable horizontal MN563
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN563
  20. Cable cable horizontal MN563M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN563M
  21. Cable cable horizontal MN564
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN564
  22. Cable cable horizontal MN564M
    As low as
    Cable cable horizontal MN564M
  23. Section for documents MN672
    As low as
    Section for documents MN672
  24. Desk MN208O
    As low as
    Desk MN208O
  25. Front Screen ML532
    As low as
    Front Screen ML532
  26. Desk MN209O
    As low as
    Desk MN209O
  27. Desk MN115W2E
    As low as
    Desk MN115W2E
  28. Desk MN111O3
    As low as
    Desk MN111O3
  29. Component M603
    As low as
    Component M603
  30. Component M502
    As low as
    Component M502

Items 1-30 of 1024

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Office furniture for staff

In order for the employee to perform the assigned tasks, it is necessary to organize his workplace properly and efficiently. When setting up an employee's work area, special attention should be paid to the selection of furniture for staff which plays an important role and is responsible for the comfort and convenience of the workplace. This requirement should not be ignored because at work people spend most of their lives. For this reason, the workplace must be comfortable and functional, otherwise you risk losing a promising employee.

     What aspects should you pay attention to choosing office furniture and especially furniture for staff?

  1. Quality. In our online store there are various types and models of furniture for staff which are made of different materials. For example, natural wood, chipboard, MDF and glass. In this case, the ends of the products are treated with a special PVC edge, which protects the furniture from impacts. When selecting furniture for personnel it is necessary to pay attention to any feature: the quality of the supports, fasteners and fittings because every detail is of great importance. Products should be made of durable and sturdy materials. Only in this case, the furniture will retain the perfect appearance for a long time and will last for a sufficiently long period.
  2. The presence of additional elements. Using additional elements of furniture (cabinets, briefing consoles, etc.), you can equip a comfortable workplace or expand and upgrade an existing one in the most convenient way.
  3. Security. The furniture presented on the pages of the online store "Nowy Styl" is made of environmentally friendly materials and is most adapted to the needs of office workers. For example, office desks have openings for cables, and cabinets, despite their compactness are very roomy and comfortable.
  4. Appearance. Furniture for staff should have an aesthetic look and be in harmony with the overall situation in the office.
  5. Color spectrum. In our store presented furniture is made in different colors. On the pages of the catalog you can find products of discreet colors that fit perfectly into the interior, decorated in a classic style. Also here you can pick up bright models of office furniture that perfectly highlight the creativity of the office interior.
  6. Availability of certificates. When buying office furniture, be sure to check certificates confirming the quality of the finished product.
  7. The cost of products. Please note that high price does not necessarily mean high quality. There are low-end models of furniture for staff which are not much inferior to expensive products.

Having trouble choosing furniture for staff? Then contact us for the help of experienced and competent consultants of our online store. They will help you to choose convenient and comfortable furniture that will meet all the requirements and needs of the working staff without any problems.

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