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«Nowy Styl» – is a company with a closed production cycle. And this means that the whole process: from design to manufacturing, is carried out by ourselves. What does this give us and our customers?

  • We control all stages of production and pass on to the buyer the furniture made in accordance with international quality standards.
  • We regularly introduce new technologies that allow us to minimize production costs and, accordingly, fix attractive prices for our customers.
  • We are constantly increasing the range of products in accordance with the trends of the furniture industry.

In the property of the company «Nowy Styl» – there is a large fleet of equipment that allows you to perform various operations for processing metal, wood, manufacturing of plastic elements, galvanizing and painting. Prototypes and finished products undergo rigorous testing in the company's own laboratory.

Our production:

Pipe production

Production of foam rubber

Production of fabrics/p>



Manufacture of plastic components

Upholstery, assembly

Quality control

Finished goods warehouse

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